the 'force upgrade' tactic

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why get upgraded?

Creatures are more powerful when they have upgraded.

Important examples are the lord eagle who completely removes the fog-of-war from the scanner (a tactic in itself), and the lord knight who casts excalibur above all nearby knights, producing an awesome attacking force.

They upgrade by battle experience (and generally take damage or die by doing so, unless you constantly heal them). However, there is a way to do this without putting your troops in danger.

how to get upgrades

It's less likely that you'll have time to do this in battle games unless you can find a safe spot, but in some campaign missions like
  • the village of nuoro
    you have an endless amount of time to prepare; the enemy will not attack until you go on the offensive.

    You'll need to sacrifice your own troops. Create a sacrifice creature, preferably a very strong one like a dryad. Then select the creature you want to upgrade, and while holding 'A', right click on your sacrifice creature to issue a force attack.

    The creature will now attack, gaining battle experience as it does so, and although it may take time (and possibly more sacrifices) eventually the creature will become a lord, and gain the extra abilities.

    how to get FREE upgrades

    OK, so that method costs you something in sacrifice creatures, but if you create a totem of resurrection nearby, then your sacrifice creature will come back to life!

    There you have it - you can have the scanner cleared (lord eagle) or an army of excalibured knights before even meeting the enemy!

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