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"Home to King Helicus"

You will need to reach the King. If you sit back, enemy troops will continue to generate. If you injure the chancellor, he will return to stand with the king. Once you kill the chancellor, and befriend the King, you will gain the lawful orb of power, and be able leave. Vex returns and is reunited with her father.

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  • experience point breakdown
  • tactics
              spell choice
              build up your force
              destroy the emplacements
              kill the chancellor
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  • experience point breakdown

    The maximum points you can receive (to spend on upgrading your character) are:

    gained lawful orb 50
    gained sapphire 25


    spell choice
    These spells are worth considering:
  • summon knight
  • summon eagle - for the eagle eye tactic
  • lightning
  • heal

    build up your force
  • Before opening the door, create a lord eagle using the eagle eye tactic. Move this lord eagle out of the way of danger (due south).
  • Now when Daephus casts invisibility upon you, head into the city, towards the leftmost PoP.
  • When you reach the PoP, cast as many knights as you can.
  • When you have a force of 5 or more knights, send 2 to defend another PoP. Continue to do this until you have maxed your creature count, and have a full mana ring.

    alternative PoP defence
    A wraith and totem_of_pacifism combination can work well for defending a PoP. The totem prevents the wraith from attacking passing targets, therefore it will remain invisible. It's not infallible though, if the wraith gets "smart" and goes chasing after targets.

    destroy the emplacements
    A couple of knights will be able to destroy these - select 2 knights and attack the 10 lawful emplacments one by one.

    approach the king
    This level will continue indefinitely until you meet up with King Helicus. The palace is on the right of the map. Stay invisible (make Daephus follow you) and apprach the King.

    kill the chancellor
    After speaking with King Helicus, and becoming his ally, Vex will also return to help. Go stand with the King, and heal him. Since you're all together, you'll get Daephus' invisibiliy and Vex's scythian bow to protect the party.
    Select all your knights (leaving one on each PoP, especially those in the palace), and command them all to folow and kill the Chancellor. They'll chase him all over the place, before eventually finishing him off.

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