the village of glaval

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"A peaceful elven village"

You'll receive a harsh greeting form the village elder, but it's only because he doesn't know who you are. You'll need to open the door(s), and kill the enemy wizard within the walled village.

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  • tactics
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  • experience point breakdown

    The maximum points you can receive (to spend on upgrading your character) are:

    befriended people of glaval 15
    gained tourmaline 25
    defeated partholon 50


    spell choice
    These spells are worth considering:
  • summon centaur
  • summon dryad
  • summon eagle - the landscape is very maze like, but not for eagles
  • heal

    You have an endless amount of time here to build up a force, so do so.
  • place centaurs on each of the 2 PoPs available.
  • again, perform the eagle eye tactic, using an eagle and two dryads.
  • create another eagle (you'll need him to open the door).
  • keep creating centaurs until you reach your creature count.
  • now step off the PoPS, and let the village elder build up a small force. Then place a centaur back on each.

    With full mana, and an army of centaurs, you're now ready for the attack.

    the attack

  • Attach form the south. Stand all your free centaurs, and Aurax, at the south door.
  • send your eagle (not the lord one) to open the door. Find the button (a building, with a green circular trigger on the floor) and stand your eagle on it.
  • when the door opens, pause the game
  • command a single centaur onto each PoP
  • select all remaining centaurs, and chase after the enemy wizard. As centaurs die, create more, and carry on sending them after the enemy wizard. Eventually he'll be killed.

    items worth collecting
    There is at least a summon knight magic item, and plenty of fear inducing magic items to collect around the village. Collect these when the battle is over.

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