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taking screenshots

The facility to take screenshots is an integrated feature of the product (no external program required).
Press F12 and a screenshot will automatically be saved to your harddrive.
The screenshots are numerically suffixed, so each time your press the F12 function key on your keyboard, another image will be saved. It is suggested therefore that you keep an eye on the size of you screenshot directory as it grows!!

finding your screenshots

Screenshots are saved to a directory called "Screenshots" - a subdirectory of the location where you installed the game.
If you are having trouble finding this location:
  • do a windows search for directories called "screenshots".
  • submitting your screenshots

    Screenshots are saved as large BMP files :(
    Therefore a couple of rules to avoid filing up the magicandmayhem mailbox. Please:
    • Convert your images to jpg file formats at the highest quality.
    • Don't send zip files
    • Think quality, not quantity. Send us 1 or 2 high quality shots, rather than the full contents of your screenshots directory.
    Submit you screenshots to
    As a warning, this address has a size limit for imcoming emails - mails that are larger than 1Mb will be automatically deleted from the server, without being downloaded! So please make sure your submissions are jpg format, and single screenshots.

    seeing your screenshots on the site

    Every fortnight, we'll download al the screenshots, and put the best ones on the site. We look forward to seeing your efforts!

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