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"An ancient worship ground for the earth goddess Danu"

This area is full of mana sprites to collect. There are no wizards to defeat - just a set number of chaos troops.

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  • experience point breakdown
  • tactics
              spell choice
              using bury
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  • experience point breakdown

    The maximum points you can receive (to spend on upgrading your character) are:

    defeated chaos forces 80


    spell choice
  • bury

    using bury
    All you need is bury (use nightshade - the ingredient you've already been using for fireball or summoning skeletons - combined with a law talisman.)
    What do you mean you don't have a (blue) law talisman?
    You should have collected it from your dying father in a previous level. Go back and collect it.

    step by step
    Set Gaion to follow you (select her, then shift right click on Aurax) so she keeps healing you. Then head south, and clear out the area between the standing stones. Let chaos troops (skeletons and zombies) collect around you, then bury them.

  • If you complete this level really quickly on wizard level, you'll receive a special release. aurax stickman wil become available to you in battle mode. This is a development cheat - this model is what Aurax actually looks like underneath his skin.
    To achieve this level more quickly, press escape during the conversations.

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