karnac prison

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"Run by the evil Pompus Glut"

To escape the prison you will need to kill the prison warden, Pompus Glut. Collect the key from his dead body, and after releasing Nadia [3] and Vex [4], escape to the north-east [5].

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  • experience point breakdown

    The maximum points you can receive (to spend on upgrading your character) are:

    released krish 15
    released nadia 15
    released vex 15
    escaped 50
    defeated glut 50
    gained neutral talisman50


    spell choice
    These spells are worth considering:
  • totem of resurrection
  • heal
  • lightning
  • pestilence
  • summon minotaur

    sneaking mana
    Leave Deaphus in the first room and head as far right as you can, then approach the only PoP available. Bait the demon to follow you back to Deaphus. As soon as you get close to Deaphus, Aurax will become invisible and the Demon will stop where he is, confused. You can now sneak past and sit on the unguarded PoP for as long as you care to.

    krish's escape
    The only way to escape the central chamber is with the thief lord's help.
    Dispose of the two demons first. The easiest way is to cast pestilence on them, wait, then finish them off. Use a totem of resurrection if you want to resurrect them on your own team. Grab the 3 mana sprites in the central room [1]
    Now release the Thief Lord. Krish is located in a cell in the north-east [2]. He will open the secret wall on the left to allow Aurax to escape the central chamber. Leave some creatures and a totem of resurrection to guard the PoP before you leave the area.

    building up a force
    Head to the south-west and take over posession of the second PoP. With two PoPs now under your control, build up mana and an army of minotaurs for as long as you want to wait. Add a totem of resurrection as protection too.
    You are safe during this time. Only when you head north will the next trigger be activated.

    kill glut
    When Aurax heads north, a trigger will be activated. Krish will then head north to find Glut, and get himself killed in the process. From then on, The prison warden will be on the loose.
    The easiest way to kill Glut is by stealth. Stay invisible using Deaphus' help, and wander around the prison. When you find him, unload all the lightning you can on his head, or for a slow death cast pestilence upon him.
    Collect the key from where he dies, or you will not be able to escape the prison via the portal. Collect the two talismans too.

    release your allies
    The contents of each cell are not known until you open the cell doors. To do so can be dangerous, since many contain enemy creatures. Only open the cells you need to. The cell marked [3] contains Nadia, and the cell marked [4] contains Vex.

    I can't escape?!
    You will not be allowed to escape until all conditions have been satisfied.
    Glut must be dead, the key must have been collected, and Vex and Nadia must be released, otherwise the portal [5] will not open.
    Despite the 'use' icon, the door itself never opens - don't waste your time trying.

    free upgrades!
    Before releasing Krish, go to the gate to the north with the lever on the other side. Summon a creature through the bars and make it walk up the corridor then turn right, reaching a room with a PoP in it. Force attack the enemy demons (press 'a' while right clicking them) and watch as you creature upgrades.
    This is especialy sweet if you use a vampire, and the chief vampire will raise the demons back to life! However, do not be tempted to kill Glut with this cheat. You need him/Krish to open doors for your eventual escape.

  • If you complete this level, you will receive a special release of pompus glut, the prison warden.
    This wizard will now be available in battle mode.

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    Don't use any of the special items you have previously collected on this level. Doing so will crash the game.

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