chaos encampment

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"A small chaos encampment within Azoria"

The camp has a singular entrance to the south. There are 2 comedy wizards to kill, and 4 children to escort to safety. Do not forget to collect the items the wizards drop upon their death

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  • tactics
              spell choice
              the preparation
              the attack
              the release
              items worth collecting
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  • experience point breakdown

    The maximum points you can receive (to spend on upgrading your character) are:

    defeated nemain 25
    defeated atreus 25
    rescued child one 15
    rescued child two 15
    rescued child three 15
    rescued child four 15


    spell choice
    These spells are worth considering:
  • summon elf
  • summon centaur

    the preparation
  • create a centaur
  • place him on the PoP on the right hand side of your starting position.
  • create 2 elves, and carefully get them to destroy the chaos emplacements (they have a slightly greater range than the dragon's-breath-firing emplacements do.
  • allow your mana to build up, and create centaurs - have them stand at the main gate
  • destroy the two totems of resurrection just behind the main gate

    the attack
  • when you're at full strength (full creature count and full mana) select all of your creatures, and make them head north
  • when the chaos wizards detect your presence, command your troops to attack one of them (pause the game and issue commands if it makes it easier).
  • select half of your troops, and issue the attack on the other wizard.
  • if you're lucky, the wizards wil pen themselves into the tents, and be easily killed.

    the release
    When both the wizards are dead, send Aurax to release the children (right click on their cages)

    items worth collecting
    Each wizard will drop a chaos talisman - very useful.

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