the hell pits of sassari

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"The training ground
for Chaos Sorcerors

The Necromagus leads you to Nadia, both of whom turn on you. After damaging the Necromagus (so he leaves the level) there are three chaos priests to kill.

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  • tactics
              spell choice
              orgon's fate
              damaging the necromagus
              building up
              killing priests
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  • experience point breakdown

    The maximum points you can receive (to spend on upgrading your character) are:

    gained onyx stone 25
    gained phosphorous 25
    defeated hell priests 30
    gained chaos talisman 50


    spell choice
    These spells are worth considering:
  • summon elf
  • summon wraith
  • summon minotaur
  • totem of resurrection
  • pestilence

    orgon's fate
    Aurax and Orgon start at position [1]. Don't spend any mana to start with - just follow the necromagus north to the alter [2]. After the initial exchange (a cut scene) Orgon wil die :( so don't stand near him or you'll be hit with the same meteor shower - as soon as you gain control of Aurax, move out of the way (left).

    damaging the necromagus
    The first thing that needs doing is to damage the necromagus enough so that he leaves the level. As soon as you can, cast pestilence on him and nadia, and leave them to perish, while you get Aurax somewhere safe (to the south).
    After a minute or so of waiting, return and finish them both off.

    building up
    Head up and left to the PoP [3], and cast a three minotaurs upon it, together with a totem of ressurection, to polish the enemy off. Start building up your mana.
    Expand across the map, taking control of PoPs with minotaurs, wraiths and elves. As you expand, support each PoP with a totem of resurrection.

    killing priests
    Now it's time to destroy the chaos priests. They are tough, but will not prove too much of a problem. Each of the 3 priests has a different tactic:

    For instance, Priest 1 casts gooey blob and totems of guarding, and is therefore best handled with elves who can destroy the totems form long range, even when stuck in blob.
    They are also very mobile, and can blunder into into your traps. As you kill each priest, collect the object they drop. Each of them is important to collect, like a choas talisman, phosphours spell ingredient, and a summon dragon statue.

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