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updated tactics for free upgrades in karnac prison. Thanks for a very sweet cheat to Jonny. Also updated, azorian mountain, karnac prison and bugs in the initiates training chamber thanks to tom, alan, and our friend lord warlock.


2 more wizards added to the wizard releases page


the foolproof way to beat the 3 wizards in the tavern identified. Thanks to Max for this one.


minor updates to the hell pits of sassari (including new map) and karnac (return to) with extra information addressing the problems players are having in finishing off Demonuminon.


updated tactics for initiates training chamber to explain where the trigger is to open that chest, solutions to all the puzzles, and how to create an invincible army. Map also updated.


updated tactics for the port of karnac to explain exactly where to find all 3 of those keys to the chests, and their contents.


walkthru first pass complete!

updated tactics for the last 3 levels, corsic plains, the village of nuoro and the hell pits of sassari.
All campaign levels for "The Art of Magic" have now been addressed with a level summary, revealed map, tactics, suggested spell choices, wizard releases, bugs, and level flow.
Further updates to follow as we get them.


updated tactics for karnac prison and the final return to karnac including maps, screenshots, known bugs, wizard releases, and the trouble with that prison door...


updated tactics for nuoro palace.
Thanks again Lord Warlock for a very detailed walkthru and map.


North albion realm map now complete.
the forest of gorias and the village of cissbury updated.


updated tactics for chaos tower.
Thanks to Douglas, and to Lord Warlock for the detailed walkthru and map.


updated tactics for the mountains of cader idris, Thanks to Nightwalk for an even quicker escape route tactic, using a morphed eagle.


updated tactics for:
the port of karnac, the thieves guild and the port of karnac (return to)


did you know that if you complete greenhenge really quickly, then aurax stickman will become available to you in battle mode?

updated tactics for greenhenge
updated tactics for the village of lutetia


updated tactics for azorian mountains. Thanks to SunDown.


updated tactics for the mountains of glanum and dwarf mines. Thanks to Bruce for 2 very detailed walkthrus, and to Hal for a great tactic for delaying the dwarves.


did you know that the castle of medos level was in two parts?
Castle of medos now split into part 1 and part 2.


campaign finally finished!

updated tactics for all levels with be forthcoming.


updated tactics for the tavern - thanks to Ed.


elven isle realm map walkthrus in full!

updated tactics for all the azorian levels, including the village of glaval, the chaos encampment, the palace of azoria and the initiates training chamber.


updated tactics for tavern, which emphasises how importnat it is to have the pestilence spell. What do you mean you don't have the spell? Oh dear - you've got some backtracking to do...


updated tactics for azorian mountains, a very tricky level that people are requesting a lot of help with.


updated tactics for the mountains of cader idris, including what to do (as this is a stealth like mission) and how to escape.


updated tactics for abandoned gold mine, including this jem - DO NOT forget to pick everything up (or you'll be sorry...).


updated tactics for journey to azoria, including how to dispatch with gorman dax.


as you progress through the campaign, it's easy to miss objects you should collect. Currenlty known details of the pickups for ingredients, talismans, special objects and wizard releases have been added to the site.


updated tactics for dark wood which appears to be quite a struggle for new players. Therefore there's much more detail here, covering spell choices, possessing PoPs, and attacking Melisius, as well as a step by step guide and a new map.


updated tactics for olicano forest and the village of olicano (return to). Dispatch all enemies in these 2 levels with the fireball weapon, fired twice in quick succession.


added the experience points breakdown for EVERY level


dark wood map, summary and experience point breakdown added
all 4 home village realm map levels significantly updated


full walkthru index added

all campaign pages now exist, ready for the addition of walkthrus and tips as we get them


the village of olicano walkthru page now live, including quick play solution
olicano forest walkthru page now live, including experience point breakdown, and details of how to safetly loot the goblin camp


campaign section launched!

Bit-by-bit, we're intending to build up the walkthru section of this site to help campaign players too. Structures for the walkthrus are in place, and we've replicated the intro storyline.

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