the village of olicano

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"A small peaceful village resting to the north of Albion"

Here in the home village, your aim is simply to speak to your father Jeddon (standing on the pier), and then exit the level via the portal. There will be no enemies on this initial level. Take the opportunity to read scrolls revealing the background storyline if you wish.

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experience point breakdown

There are no experience points to be gained in this level

quick play

  • press escape to exit the first (forced) conversation with a villager
  • right click the uncovered blue area in the bottom-middle of your scanner map - aurax will begin to walk to that spot (you an track him by pressing 't')
  • press escape to exit any conversation forced by a villagers that you walk past on the way
  • after reaching you father (jeddon) escape the conversation
  • right click on the portal (the expanding circle in the scanner map)

    extra locations of interest

  • the huts (middle left) contain scrolls with extra information about the storyline

    experience points breakdown

  • there are no experience points to be gained in this level
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