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In the beginning, man used magic against man. Wars ripped the earth apart as mankind stood on the brink of his own destruction.

And then he came... the Magistrator.

An all-powerful Wizard, the Magistrator held the magics of the earth in balance. He forged three magic Orbs to harness the powers of Law, Neutral and Chaos.

The Chaos Orb was presented to the chaos lords of the Southern deserts,

The Lawful Orb to the Elven people who lived on the Western Isle of Azoria.

The Neutral Orb was given to the druids that ruled the forest lands of Albion to the North.

Peace, at last, prevailed – each Orb balanced by the other two. No nation was all-powerful. Each respected the strength of the other.

For many glorious years this balance remained intact and many kingdoms lived peacefully and flourished, but the Magistrator was mortal, and old age finally took its toll. When he died, the Orbs remained his legacy.

The following autumn, in the forest lands of Albion, a huge magical explosion killed the Neutral Druid leader and the Neutral Orb that he held was lost. With the Neutral Orb destroyed, Albion’s protection and the balance of the world was at an end.

The Elves, seeing the unbalance that this brought withdrew to the Azorian Isle, severing all contact, while the Chaos barbarians, led by the NecroMagus, looked to the newly exposed lands of Albion with greedy eyes.

It is now 18 years since the Magistrator died, and rumours are afoot that Chaos forces have entered the fair land of Albion.

In the North, the villagers of Olicano still go about their business in calm. And this is where our story begins, on the day a young man named Aurax comes of age…

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